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Base Camp

Who are the Happy Campers?

Our names are Lacy and Jan (‘Yawn‘), and we’re the happily married Camp Captains and founders of Happy Campers Gluten Free! Originally, Lacy hails from the wilderness of northern Idaho, and Jan made his way to Oregon from the distant Czech Republic. We started Happy Campers as a school project and have been baking for customers since graduating in May 2011. Together, we’re equipped with family gluten-free recipes, a passion for baking, and the energy and optimism of young entrepreneurs who love what we do! We’re such Happy Campers because our journey toward the perfect bread — a staple we’ve both missed since receiving our diagnoses of gluten intolerance — has come to fruition. Our mission is to provide you with the most delicious, healthiest bread that will make you a Happy Camper, too! We love the outdoors, and if we’re not in the kitchen, you’ll probably find us on the trails or the rocks or in an orange tent somewhere in the Northwest woods! (It could be no other way: Jan’s last name, Taborsky, means “camper” in his native Czech.)


  • Life’s an adventure, and you’ll need to be well energized to eat it all up! Pure and simple foods guarantee that you’re at your best.
  • As outdoors enthusiasts, we work hard to protect our environment.
  • We’re passionate about our local community and we love to help it thrive.
  • Check out the Health page to see how our values translate to action!