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Did Someone Say, “All-Organic?”

Happy Campers Bakers | Posted January 16, 2016

Hi, Happy Campers!

As you probably know by now, we’ve been hard at work for the past several months, enjoying and learning all the new ins and outs of our brand new bakery. It’s something about which we are incredibly excited, and have been working on for a long time! After five years of baking at our original place, we finally outgrew it. So far, we’ve been absolutely delighted to be in a baking space that perfectly allows us to keep up with all the amazing demand from all over the country!

We’ve never seen so many of our loaves at once before! It’s just incredible, and it’s all thanks to you. 😀

In between making sure our Wild Buns are consistently round and plump, calibrating our many new ovens, and enjoying the tantalizing scent of hundreds of our loaves baking at the same time — we went outside and discovered that 2016 was suddenly in full swing! And goodness, do we have some great news for you throughout this year…. We can’t wait to share what’s to come!

Happy Campers Gluten Free – Wild Buns (Organic)

Okay, okay, it’s no secret that we absolutely love baking the healthiest, tastiest gluten-free goodness we can for all of you. Ever since we started baking Happy Campers breads and buns, we’ve been committed to continually improving them with even better nutrition, amazing texture, and always scrumptious flavors. To be honest, we’re pretty happy with our awesome breads! But, you know, we’re far too enthusiastic and adventurous to just leave it at that.

organic logo preliminaryWe’re excited to say — now that we’re just a little bigger — it’s time for us to make our loaves even better for you. Later this year, we’re headed to go all-organic, and get official Organic Certification for all our products! Woohoo! As you might know, we are tremendously proud of baking each loaf with high-quality ingredients, and that all our products are almost completely organic already! Of course, an awesome variety of healthful nutrients is great, but a consistent quality of nutrition is also important. It’s something we care deeply about, and know you do, too.

Due to various limitations of current geopolitics and agriculture, a reliable supply of enough organic teff seeds for our flours is increasingly difficult to source! As you might imagine, we want nothing more than to be able to bake the most deliciously nutritious — and organic — gluten-free breads we possibly can for you. So, we began our research. We spoke with many nutritionists, and carried out all sorts of experiments and tests—and discovered the perfect replacement for those tiny teff seeds in our awesomely nutrition-packed flour mix….

Happy Campers Gluten Free (Teff → Sorghum)

Sorghum, an ancient cereal grain, was originally cultivated in Africa, where it has long-remained a nutritious staple—and for good reason! It’s full of super-healthful vitamins and minerals like phosphorous (makes our bones happy!), and niacin and iron, which support a healthy metabolism and immune system. Who doesn’t like that? Sorghum also has excellent protein, and contains plenty of dietary fiber that can benefit blood-sugar management and weight control. (It’s packed with more awesome antioxidants than blueberries, too!) Basically — sorghum is almost nutritionally identical to teff, so you can be sure you’ll continue to get the same high-quality organic nutrition you’re used to in every delicious slice of our bread. In addition to our many baking experiments, we even did tens of tremendously tasty toast tests — just for you, of course! Sometimes the commitment to go all-organic is hard work. 😉

Oh! — we hear the ovens beeping! Several batches of fresh Cravin’ Raisin Cinnamon Spice loaves must be done…back into the bakery we go!

We can’t wait to tell you about everything on which we’ve been working so hard recently — but more great news soon! Until then, give someone a good hug, make your favorite tasty toast, and enjoy all the good things you possibly can. 🙂

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