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Online Orders Update: Bread, Where Are You?

Happy Campers Bakers | Posted January 30, 2016

online orders 2016

Hello, Happy Campers!

Ever since we moved into our new bakery, we know you’ve been waiting so very patiently for us to resume our online orders of your favorite bread. Perhaps you’ve been by your toasters, imagining the mouthwatering smell of freshly toasted Happy Campers bread waft around your kitchen…. Some of you got out your almond butter and honey and cinnamon, which awaited a delicious slice of support. Some of you, an avocado and a bit of sharp cheddar. Or plenty of tremendously tasty sandwich fixings. But they all got a little lonely. They missed their favorite team member to bring them all together in scrumptious harmony.

So, where’s our bread?

Well. We had originally planned to get our online orders back up and running as soon as 2016 rolled around…. A few things got delayed, but then we were definitely on track for the end of January! But…argh, the end of January is already here. And we’ll be honest — we are terribly sorry to still be out of stock! You’ve been so amazing to wait as long as you have, and we appreciate it tremendously. But, in light of one last delay, we feel like we owe you several explanatory details as to why you’ve had to wait so long to enjoy more of your delicious loaves of Happy Campers….

In our new bakery, we have been navigating the production transition as quickly yet thoroughly as possible. Along with baking thousands more loaves than we ever have before, we’ve been incredibly focused, calibrating our many ovens, tweaking our baking sensors, freezing and thawing and testing slices for texture, making sure we can continue to bring the bread you know and love to even more people. We do know that a few problematic loaves have slipped by us, but we’ve been learning increasingly with each production run, and frequently working around the clock to make huge improvements! We have been dialing in all our equipment on the largest scales — because we really want to get it right for you.

And, of course, we wouldn’t be the happy campers we are if we weren’t on some adventure of ambition — we’ve also been working the hardest we’ve ever worked on anything so far, and it’s finally going to happen soon! (Hint: something huge that rhymes with ‘Shmalifornia’). All we’ll say right now is that a giant announcement is coming…. So exciting! 😉

But seriously — you must be amazing at spreading the word about us and our mission to make the healthiest, tastiest gluten-free breads, because…wow. It seems submitting our product request form to all your favorite stores really does work! You’re the best. Keep it up, and please tell all your GF friends about us; we want to bake them our yummy loaves, too! 😀 In the past few months, we have gotten lots of our delicious breads to many hungry happy campers in plenty new places and stores, hooray! But, it turns out, we need to bake even more, because we barely have any loaves left for our online orderers! An amazing problem for us to have, but a problem nonetheless. So….

Along with the needs of a bigger bakery (producing many loaves) is a bigger storage facility for our breads — from which our online orders will ship. Setting it up promptly with everyone involved has proven difficult. This is actually the only remaining cause of delay until we’re able to reactivate the online orders, so we will strive to make this happen pronto! All we want to do is bake the truly best gluten-free breads we can for you!

Now, to answer the specific question that’s probably on your mind: We’re on track to be fulfilling our online orders again in the second half of February — which realistically seems like the timeline for us, now. We’re pretty bummed we’ve had to keep shifting our dates. We don’t like that you’ve had to wait so long. We’d love to be able to send you some of our yummy bread weeks ago, but we want to make sure everything goes as perfectly and smoothly as possible before starting all the orders up again. We promise it will be worth it in the long run!

Again — we can’t thank you enough for your patience! Your appetites for our deliciously nutritious bread always impress us, and we’ve never been more excited to bake you our loaves! Things are about to get huge for us (and you!) this year, so we’re buckling up and getting ready for a roller coaster ride. A tasty, tasty ride. Are you ready? Have your scrumptious sandwich fixings on hand…. 😉

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10 Responses to “Online Orders Update: Bread, Where Are You?”
  • Rebecca ramey

    That’s my toaster in south central Virginia, and I don’t mind waiting, I am just happy you are working on it! Good luck!!!!

    • Happy Campers Bakers

      Thanks so much for being wonderfully patient, Rebecca! We’re looking forward to giving your toaster some good work soon! 😉

  • Vegankittymomma

    Oh my gosh! Please, no more delays! I am missing my happy camper bread so, so much! Please don’t make me eat that “other” bread , aka- cardboard. I’m afraid I am going to have a happy camper bread binge when my bread finally arrives 🙂

    • Happy Campers Bakers

      We hope there will be no more delays, too! We’re pretty bummed that we can’t send you any loaves yet, especially since we very well understand the need that is the ‘Happy Campers Fix’! If all aligns perfectly, we could be resuming our online orders even sooner than the end of February, but whenever it may be, we’ll make sure to make plenty of noise so you’ll know when we’re up and running again.

  • Vivian

    Thank you for the update. Look forward to ordering more of your yummy bread soon. All the best!

  • Kathi

    Are you taking online orders yet? Please!

  • Christine Lopez

    I’m so glad to have found you! I really didn’t like the brown rice bread I settled for before you came along. I’m looking forward to trying the rest of your flavors. So far the Cinnamon Raisin is Amazing! I will check again to see when I can purchase the special you have on all 4 flavors. Thanks!


    • Happy Campers Bakers

      Hi, Christine! We’re so glad you’ve found us, too! 😀 We agree; the Cravin’ Raisin Cinnamon Spice loaf is dangerously delicious! We’re excited to send you more of our tasty breads soon…not too much longer to wait! We’ll be making plenty of noise when we announce it, so please make sure to stay posted on our Facebook page or signing up for our email newsletter. 🙂

  • Anne Packham

    Where in North East Florida (the Jacksonville area) can I get Hemp Bread

    • Happy Campers Bakers

      Hi, Anne! We’re not yet in any FL stores, but we’d certainly love to be! We do ship plenty of loaves there from our online orders, but we’d love it if you could please request us at your favorite stores using our official form. The more people who request us in certain areas, the sooner you’ll find our tasty breads there! 🙂

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