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Say ‘Hello’ to Our Brand New Bread Bags!

Happy Campers Bakers | Posted September 13, 2014

happy campers new bags all

Hello there, happy campers!

Big announcement today — some of you getting your fresh loaves on shelves this morning will notice a little something different…okay, it’s not so little! Our breads have a whole new look. Say ‘hello’ to our brand new packaging! 🙂

So many of you love our deliciously different flavors, we wanted to make it even easier for you to spot each one on the shelf! Because, let’s be honest: if you’ve got a full-blown, hungry hankering for some Happy Campers bread, we know you don’t want to waste any time trying to find your favorite loaf!

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Okay, fancy-pants, this new packaging looks pretty awesome, but what have you done with my favorite gluten-free bread? Don’t be fooled—they’re the same super-healthy and awesomely tasty loaves you know and love! We just updated their wardrobe. And, of course, all our bags are 100% BPA-free. Woohoo! 😛

We know some of you get pretty hungry and go through lots of our loaves (we’re trying to bake enough for your appetites!), so please make sure to check out how to recycle and upcycle your used bread bags! Every little bit helps.

Look for the new bags in stores starting today! Eat up and enjoy! 😀

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2 Responses to “Say ‘Hello’ to Our Brand New Bread Bags!”
  • Dean

    Hi Happy Campers,
    We really love your bread! We noticed that the bread comes with another plastic bag sealing the bread to perhaps making it fresher by the time the consumer gets it?
    Please discontinue the extra bag. It is really unnecessary because we buy the bread frozen anyways. Plus we cannot recycle it here in Hawaii.
    Aloha, Dean

    • Happy Campers Bakers

      Aloha, Dean!

      Thank you so much for your kind words; we’re so glad you’ve been enjoying our deliciously nutritious bread! Also, thank you for your feedback — we always appreciate hearing from anyone who enjoys their tasty loaves of Happy Campers. 🙂

      As you might know, we recently moved to a brand new bakery (hooray!) — it’s something that we’re really excited about and have been working on for a long time. After five years of baking at our original place, we outgrew it and had to move.

      One new process that came with having to meet the amazing demand for our bread is the vacuum-sealed packaging. As you might assume, its primary purpose is — as you guessed — to keep the bread fresher longer, especially for out-of-state frozen shipments. We’re proud to say that we take great care to only use absolutely no unnatural preservatives, modified starches, or enzymes to extend the shelf-life of our loaves. We’d love to figure out how to extend shelf-life in a way that doesn’t compromise our ‘natural promise’. We’re always experimenting and improving, though, so one day we may crack it!

      The secondary purpose of the new packaging — and perhaps more specifically to answer your query — is actually to diminish our current ingredient and material waste. It seems somewhat counterintuitive at first, but the food/bag waste with our new vacuum-sealed packaging is actually less than what we had used before. Our older system resulted in larger volumes of loaves spoiling for a variety of reasons. When we began to consider the vacuum-sealed packaging, we certainly shared the same concerns as yours! Of course, it became something about which we thought long and hard, so we crunched all the numbers and realized that, all things considered, it seemed better overall. That being said, we totally hear you and are really bummed to use materials you can’t recycle! We are always continually exploring how we can best minimize our resources while still baking plenty of the best delicious and nutritious GF breads we can for you and all the other hungry happy campers. 🙂

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