5 Awesomely Healthy Halloween Treats – Gluten-Free Edition!

5 Awesomely Healthy Halloween Treats – Gluten-Free Edition!

Sometimes we get scared. Actually, it happens every year. Each time Halloween sneaks up on us, we’re terrified of one place: The Candy Aisle! Now, we don’t get us wrong. We have a sweet tooth just like most of you. (Okay, okay, maybe we have more than just one.) We looove delicious delectables, but as much ghostly fun as Halloween brings, when it comes to health, the grocery store can seem like corridors of catastrophe! Processed sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors….
As healthy as some of us like to be — Halloween is the one time of the year when it’s easiest to throw our health-conscious standards to the wind…. But we say, why bother, when you can make your own tasty treats that are much better for you? Staying a healthy happy camper during this excessively sugary holiday is easier than you might think! Try these fun Halloween yummies that are perfect for this spooky season! Now you can treat your trick-or-treaters (or yourself, if you don’t want to share 😛 ) without the processed-sugar candies and fake ingredients!

Monster Apple Bites

These toothsome treats will be far and away the kids’ favorite thing on the table, causing them to giggle with glee! They’re so simple and easy to make, too. Each bite-size snack requires just some quarter-apple slices with several slivered almonds. Make a ton of these, because your kids will eat all of them…if these don’t eat them first! 🙂

(Here’s a fun veggie variation!)

Cinnamon-Maple Pumpkin Seeds

These scrumptious seeds taste just like Fall! Whether you’ve just carved and scraped a few pumpkins, or simply have lots of plain and boring pumpkin seeds that need a yummy cinnamon-maple-flavor boost, this is the sweet snack for you!


Raw Witches’ Fingers

These magically morbid morsels are (gluten-free, of course,) raw, vegan, egg-free, and dairy-free! Who knew that witches’ fingers were so delicious and nutritious? (Well, we did, because already ate all of ours!) Yum!


Coconut-Cinnamon Sweet Potato Chews

Another nice and simple treat. Only three ingredients! Sweet potatoes! The tasty orange ones. Cinnamon! It improves insulin sensitivity. It’s also delicious. Coconut oil! It imparts a subtle coconut taste that rounds out the flavor of the sweet potato in a truly marvelous way.


Banana Ghosts

BOOoooOOOooo! Yes, yes, ghosts — but this time, they’re made of bananas! And bananas aren’t scary at all; they’re delicious! There are so many great ways you can get creative with these — you can freeze them and turn them into pops, or dip them in whatever you want. Just cut a banana in half and poke in differently sized chocolate chips! Eating these is just plain fun! 😛

What are some of your favorite healthier Halloween snacks or treats?
Whatever you decide tickle your tastebuds with, have a happy (and healthy!) Halloween! 😀