A Tasty Easter for Everyone!

A Tasty Easter for Everyone!

Whether or not you celebrate the Easter holiday, coloring Easter eggs is fun! But eating them? Even better, if you know a tasty enough recipe!


But if dying eggs—and probably your fingers, let’s be honest here—isn’t your thing, consider having fun get creative in the kitchen with the venerable deviled egg! We like to think of it as the more satisfyingly delicious version of the artful Easter pastime. You begin with a blank slate: the unadulterated, hard-boiled egg. Then, you might add a touch of fresh herbs here, a sprinkle of spices there. Soon, it’s garnished with all sorts of other culinary colors that your taste buds will hop with happiness! So, while everyone else is accidentally turning their fingertips colors no finger ever is normally, you certainly won’t be left out of the Easter fun!


So you’ve hard-boiled eggs before. Did you know you can bake them instead and get an even better result? Now you do!


Hard-Boiled Egg Whites with Cilantro-Lime Avocado FillingFor those who wish to exclude the yolk from their consumption but still want in on all the yummy Easter-egg fun, try making these whites with cilantro-lime avocado filling! They taste deliciously fresh, they’re perfect for Spring and Easter, and with such sophisticated flavor, they make regular deviled eggs seem boring. (Shh, don’t tell the yolks!)


Don’t worry, vegan friends—we have a delicious egg-free recipe for you, too! These devilish potatoes are so simple and delicious: the perfect Easter egg-substitute snack for Easter! Some dill and paprika perfectly complement the buttery and creamy flavor of Yukon Gold potatoes. So yummy!


Vegan QuicheAnd who said the colorful wonderfulness of Easter has to just be about eggs, anyway? Here’s a delightful quiche that has colors for both your eyes and your taste buds.


Happy Easter!