Meet Your Bakers

Back in 2010, we were a couple of college kids with a passion for all things healthy.  Our pursuit of wellness and happiness led us to start experimenting with nutritious foods with the goal to nourish and energize our active lifestyle. Our favorite was bread! We dreamed up the idea for Happy Campers, after many late-night oven dates and much trial and error, we got our start at our local farmers market.
It’s been an adventure since day one. Sometimes adventures can take a few unexpected turns, as did ours with a major battle with chronic illness. Healthy food helps us feel worlds better, but despite our best efforts, symptoms are a daily struggle. This led us to focus on finding happiness and becoming happy campers, no matter what. We learned to be grateful for the good days, embrace the bad ones and simply crave everything life has to offer.
We all face challenges, in one way or another, and those challenges are an amazing opportunity to dive deep and learn more about life than we ever thought was possible. We are grateful for all the little things in life – like a crunch of warm toast or the or the quality time spend with loved ones around the dinner table. It reminds us that you can be a happy camper, regardless what kind of slice life deals you.
Today, we’re as passionate as ever about sharing not only delicious, wholesome bread, but also the message of embracing everything life has to offer. So get out there, eat a sandwich, give lots of hugs and high fives and be a happy camper with us!