Best healthy gluten-free bread

Hellooo, Happy Campers!
We’ve been working hard on something awesome for you, and we’re super-exited to finally announce it!
As you know, we’re always looking for more ways to be happy. Munching on yummy sandwiches, singing our favorite songs at the top of our lungs, rock climbing, and figuring out how to simplify our frequently crazy lives…. Life can be a whirlwind! You know how it is. Every morning, you wake up, hungry for life! Exercise, family, friends, work, errands, costumed adventures (or is that just us?)…. But we know that in a whirlwind you still get hungry for food, too. And sometimes that means it’s time for one or two or six slices of your favorite Happy Campers gluten-free bread! Of course, we’re so glad you enjoy our bread, and we’re always happy to bake it for you! Let’s be frank, though: having to order it over and over is kind of a hassle, right? Well…here’s some awesome news! We’re happy to announce our Breadscription program!
What is Breadscription?, you might wonder…. Fortunately, it’s exactly what it sounds like! 🙂
Bread — the tasty thing you love to eat — and Subscription — that convenient thing that takes the hassle out of satisfying your recurring cravings — have merged at the Happy Campers base camp, and Breadscription is born!
But how to sign up, you say? It’s easy (and, did we mention, delicious?). Simply place an order of your favorite bread on our new store, and let us know at checkout how frequently you’d like to receive it after that. You can receive your Breadscription bread as often as every week, and as seldom as every three months—you choose! Every time your Breadscription period rolls around, we’ll bake up some fresh loaves on the following Monday and send them your way! (Click here for specific details on automatic payment and shipping.)
And, because we’d like to thank you for being so awesome, you’ll always get a little discount on each and every Breadscription loaf!
No need to be stressed out about remembering to get more bread when you run out! Because, you know…why be full of stress when you can be full of tasty bread? 😉 No matter where you are in any of the 50 States, and you find yourself hankering for some of the healthiest, tastiest, gluten-free bread around, we’ll happily send some freshly baked loaves your way! Now let’s get you some grub!
Eat well; be well! 😀
Lacy & Jan