Today’s the day, today’s the day! We are overjoyed to announce the most exciting news we’ve ever had….
We are FINALLY in all 43 Whole Foods stores in North California! Yes, that’s right. 43! Yaaay, NorCal! (More smaller stores are soon to come, of course, but we wanted cover the big ones for you first!) You can check out our awesome store-finder based on your location to see where our super-nutritious, unconditionally delicious breads are closest to you!
We’re so stoked! Like, totally psyched! And we’re also just plain excited, because YAY, NorCal! (Okay, okay, we know not all of you talk so, um, radically, but we’re just a bit giddy with glee right now.) We couldn’t be happier to finally be able to bring you our breads for you to enjoy! 😀
norcal announcement
Our high-quality loaves are packed with everything you want in a gluten-free bread: Healthful ingredient variety? Check! Awesome nutrition? Check! Mouthwatering flavors? Check! We bake each delicious loaf with organic, 100% non-GMO ingredients, so you can be sure you’re nourishing your body with wholesome goodness! In addition, we craft them to be completely free of all common allergens: absolutely no soy, no corn, no rice, no dairy, no eggs, no nuts, no potato…. And best of all — we stay true to our promise of quality: no loads of junk or filler ingredients. Really, just the good stuff!
As most of you know now, we have begun to hit our stride in our wonderful new bakery, where we’ve been happily baking amongst the scent of thousands of fresh loaves rising, and oven timers chiming. It’s only been a few months since we began baking our breads for many different Seattle stores, and the response there has been spectacular!
Now, we thought Seattle’s appetite for our bread was impressive, but, like, whoa. All of you around the Bay Area are seriously jonesing for the good stuff! Fun Fact → Of all the places in the whole country, ever, you have proven to be the consistently hungriest for our yummy breads! So, here we are, beyond delighted to finally get plenty of it down to you!
And if you’re not in the NorCal region, feeling left out and with a hunger for a particularly tasty gluten-free bread, don’t worry! You can be sure we’re working hard to get our yummy loaves to where you are. (Yes, SoCal, you’re next, so please keep bringing those product request forms to your stores! 😀 )
As always, we will cheerfully strive to bake the most nutritious, delicious gluten-free loaves that we possibly can. It’s our passion to help make it easier for everyone eat well and live well — to end the quest for truly good gluten-free bread once and for all!
We have absolutely loved every step of this thrilling journey so far, and yet our excitement makes us feel like we’re just getting started…. This is the first of many awesome announcements for us this year, so make sure to stay posted!
But first, if you don’t mind, we have a favor to ask of you:
Please spread the word about us, and tell all your NorCal friends about us, too! The more we can impress the stores in these first couple weeks, the better it will be for everyone — let the stores know you love our bread! We’re calling on you to storm the gates! (And by ‘storm the gates’, we mean ‘get your tasty Happy Campers fix from your nearest Whole Foods’. 😛 )
Okay — that’s all for now! We don’t want you to be here for too long; we want you to get outside and enjoy your lovely day! But definitely give an extra hug to your friends and family. Listen to a song that makes you dance with wild abandon. And, of course, remember to go to your nearest Whole Foods and stock up on all the fixings for a scrumptious sandwich!
Happy eating! 😀