Announcing NEW BREAD: Hemp Hemp Hooray!

Announcing NEW BREAD: Hemp Hemp Hooray!

Hello, Happy Campers! We couldn’t be more delighted to announce that our bakery has a new family member! Say hello to our brand new loaf:
”Hemp Hemp Hooray!”
hemp loaf announcement
Upon taking our first mouthwatering bite, we were so excited about how tasty it was that we immediately named it after how we felt! Such deliciousness tastes even better after months of hard work—we’ve been busy in the bakery tinkering with our recipes and awesome ingredients, experimenting with new ways to make something we already loved into something new and even better!
But before you say, “Whoa, now, don’t you go changing my favorite bread on me!”, rest easy. We didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel here. (That would be downright silly, because we make bread, not vehicular components.) Instead, we started with the foundation of the delicious loaves you know and love, and made a handful awesomely nutritious additions. So, what’s extra-special about this bread? A few smiles here, a couple winks there, and even more superb healthiness! As always, we hand-bake every loaf with organic, 100% non-GMO ingredients—including our special mix of nutrition-packed, whole seed flours. Seeds are one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to so much nutrition in such a small package! So….

We added a plentiful sprinkling of flavorful hemp seeds (surprise!) throughout the loaf, adding all sorts of healthy goodness in every bite. Each slice  is full of heart-healthy Omega-3s, making your hugs extra-strong! Hemp has all the essential amino acids, making it one of the best sources of whole, plant-based protein. Additionally, hemp has no known allergens, so of course our new loaves are—like all our others—awesomely allergen-free!

Of course, everyone knows that a hero needs a sidekick, so we also added plenty of millet seeds along with the hemp seeds. These tiny bits of crunchy goodness are chock-full of vitamins and rich in minerals, and are sure to make your high-fives even more satisfying! Boom.

But our favorite part about all of this is that there are no sugars in this loaf! Like, zero. None. Nada. Its satisfying, light nutty flavor makes it so delectably delicious, we just didn’t want to mess with a good thing!

Basically, this loaf is perfect for any of your favorite delicious Happy Campers creations! A scrumptious sandwich with chicken, sundried-tomato, asparagus, and pesto? Done. How about The savory simplicity of a Happy Campers grilled cheese? You bet! Fresh, out of the bag? Of course. Hot and toasted? OM NOM NOM. (…Okay, okay, sorry. We apologize if we made you drool a little.) We’re always working hard on getting them closer to more of you—our ovens are baking overtime! 🙂 Of course, if you’re so hungry you can’t wait — you can order some online right away!
We’re really proud of our new bread, and hope you like eating it as much as we love smelling it from our ovens! Now, go get some and enjoy! 😀