This will turn your dairy-free world upside down


We love rich creamy beverages made from almonds and other nuts, known also as nut milk! 😉 The downsides are that they can be spendy and have a lot of additives. Well, a couple of weeks ago, we had a fantastic discussion in our FB group and learned how to […]

This will turn your dairy-free world upside down2020-06-10T06:31:45-07:00

Dr. Zelfand tip #1: Exercise


Wondering how you can stay healthy during the holidays? In this edition of the Happy Campers Healthy Quest, Dr. Erica Zelfand, N.D. gives her tips and suggestions. Dr.Zelfand’s first tip is to exercise. Check out the video below.

Dr. Zelfand tip #1: Exercise2020-05-21T01:28:44-07:00

Introducing Dr. Erica Zelfand


Erica Zelfand, ND, is joining the Happy Campers Healthy Quest just in time to share great tips for the holiday season (and any time of year!). We’ll be sharing her tips online, so stay tuned to our Facebook page, blog and Health page!
Dr. Z is a naturopathic physician, […]

Introducing Dr. Erica Zelfand2020-05-21T01:50:17-07:00
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