Sometimes, the greatest feeling in the world is to see a smile spread over the face of a child. We feel that happiness can be just as nourishing as the food we eat. It’s not just something we love to say—it’s something we truly believe.
Recently we were introduced to the Royal Family Kids camps here in Portland. Every Summer they hold a camp for foster kids from Multnomah County, and their purpose is to provide all the children a safe space to just ‘be kids’ and have a truly happy, positive experience. They are staffed solely by volunteers who wonderfully and generously give their time and energy. So, when we heard about this local camp whose primary purpose was cultivating happiness and wellness—we wanted to show all our support to those happy little campers who might benefit from our gluten-free goodness!
royal family kids with happy campers
It really is the little things that make what we do worth it. 😀