Happy Campers bars packaging is now 100% compostable!

How do you compost them?
We recommend cutting the wrapper into a few strips and placing them in your HOME or CURBSIDE compost bin.


Watch our videos for more info … or read FAQs below. 😉

What is the packaging made out of?
It’s made from cellulose, which is the most abundant naturally occurring organic material. It’s derived from wood pulp that is sourced from responsibly-managed forests.

How long does it take to decompose?
In a home compost, the wrappers will decompose in 8-24 weeks. If you’re interested in starting a home compost, here’s a fantastic resource that will literally tell you all you need to know. 😍

What composting certifications do you carry?
The wood pulp carries FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) Chain of Custody certifications. The packaging film is certified to both ASTM D6400 and EN13432 by Vinçotte, Din Certco, and the BPI.

Can I toss the wrapper?
Please note, you can’t just toss the wrappers into nature! They require proper composting conditions to decompose and turn into rich and healthy soil that you can use in your home garden. This makes sense, because if they didn’t, they’d just decompose while in your pantry with the bar still inside! 😂

Can I use the compost in my organic garden to grow food?
While the wood cellulose is responsibly sourced and the ink is soy-based and produced without any toxins, it’s not certified Organic. It is still certified to produce soil that is safe to grow food, but we don’t personally put the wrappers in our home compost that we use for our garden to grow food. Instead, we use it for a compost that we use for all our house and landscaping plants!

What about compostable packaging for your other products?
Please note packaging for our bread and flour mix is not compostable at the moment. However… psst! — it soon will be! Yes, we’ve been working our darnest to make it happen and can’t wait to share it with you soon! 😍 In the meantime, please check out our sustainability page and scroll down for recycling info for our bread bags!