If you’ve ever grabbed a fresh loaf of Happy Campers bread off your favorite store’s shelf, you probably know our orange tent. If you’ve been to the Farmers’ Markets around Portland, you’ve probably even visited one of our orange tents.
Well…we went on an adventure and got a new one! Today we’re introducing: our brand new logo! 😀
Happy Campers Gluten-Free Logo
We should probably say that we still do love the one we’ve had for years. But we wanted to update it with a reaffirmation: We’re proud to be the happy campers that we are! We put our name front and center so it’s even more easily recognizable at a glance. (If you’re super-hungry and on the search for some tasty bread, you don’t want to waste any time!) Our logo feels like a nice wooden sign that you might find at the beginning of a good hiking trail, or near a campsite with a comforting fire…. 😉 In the middle of everything, of course, is still our trusty orange tent (in which you might hear us munching on toast if you walk nearby).
Wherever you spot our logo on our upcoming new bags, you’ll know they’re filled with the tastiest, healthiest gluten-free bread under the sun—so keep an eye out for ‘em soon!
When we’re not telling jokes while baking all of your tasty loaves and buns, we can be found hiking in the woods, climbing mountains, or swapping fun stories with good company. We’ve never been happier campers than we are now, and couldn’t be more delighted that you’re all part of our quest to eat as healthily and live as happily as possible! 😀
We hope you like our new logo as much as we do — let us know what you think!