Woohoo, it’s mid-Summer! That, of course, means all sorts of things. Running around with glee because the weather’s great, climbing sun-warmed peaks, chasing your friends with a giant squirt gun, hiking to amazing views, enjoying watermelon juice dribble down your face, kayaking on beautiful waters, or playing frisbee with your dog.
Of course, Summer is also the perfect season to fire up the grill and enjoy quality time with your family and friends! Turns out, July is National Grilling Month! (We know, we know; July is almost over, but August is really just a second July, so we’re still good for a little while longer. 😛 ) What a fun and silly holiday! But we love holidays. Especially when they entail lots of smiling, laughing, Summer shenanigans, and healthy, delicious food! Relaxing outdoors and smelling that savory sizzle is just too darn good.
pinterest burger bbq chicken
pinterest burger paleo jalapeño chicken
While the classic meat patty is the go-to burger, we sometimes like to tastily change things up — especially for the vegetarians and other health-conscious eaters out there. If you’re planning a barbecue this weekend, you must check out these awesome burgers to add to your repertoire that will satisfy even the healthiest of eaters, meat or no! And don’t forget another awesome thing about Summer: so much fresh produce abounds! There are all sorts of tasty ways to grill up fresh veggies to for a super-healthy meal addition!
So fire up your grills and grab your Happy Campers Wild Buns! It’s time to enjoy the heck out of every day left this Summer! Happy grilling! 😀
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