Kiss Me Garlic Rosemary, xoxo

Kiss Me Garlic Rosemary, xoxo

gluten-free garlic rosemary bread
Wow, is it October already? Didn’t summer just start? Whew…guess that happens when you’ve been super-busy baking up a storm! 🙂 In the past several months, we’ve never been happier: we’ve received innumerable store requests for our bread from all over the country, broken our own bakery records left and right, and pretty much been making as many loaves for you as is literally possible for us to make! Basically, our ovens love you very much.

But here’s the particularly exciting part: we’re still just getting started. Because you’ve been so amazing at officially requesting us at your favorite food stores and spreading the good word about us, we’re getting serious about baking even more loaves. Portland has never made more tasty Happy Campers toast than now. Seattle is hungry and recently loaded up. Next: an impending bread-bombardment toward Northern California….
So, for the first time since we’ve started this wonderful adventure, we’re finally moving into a bigger bakery, woohoo! As we navigate the transition, we’ll need to slightly change a few production workflows to ensure we can get all those loaves to you in plenty new places. As a result, we’re a little sad to announce a small change to our product lineup:

If you love our Kiss Me Garlic Rosemary loaf — this is the last time you’ll be able to enjoy it for quite a while! We will be baking our last batch of Kiss Me Garlic Rosemary on Monday (October 5th), so make sure to order some before then! (We regret to inform you that after this date, you may consequently experience a higher frequency of vampires. Sorry about that.) We know many of you love our rosemary garlic loaf dearly, and are so glad you have been enjoying it. (We love it too — it’s one of our very original breads, and we hope to bring it back as soon as we can!) We’ll try to bake our last batch extra-tasty for you!

We will also be retiring our two stuffing mixes this season — we know, we know, just before Thanksgiving :/ — but fear not! You’ll still be able to make a tasty batch of stuffing yourself using toasted and dried Classy Slice, Hemp Hemp Hooray, or Stompin’ Good Seedy Buckwheat Molasses. This way, you can make as much or as little as you like! And, of course, you’re always encouraged to give our own tasty home-stuffing recipes a try. 😛

We want to bake all the super-nutritious, greatest-tasting loaves for you and your friends and your friends’ friends. We want to help everyone eat well and live well, and end the quest for truly good gluten-free bread once and for all!
In the meantime, please join us in bidding a fond farewell to our last batches of Kiss Me Garlic Rosemary…. And know that colossally delicious and deliciously colossal things are afoot! 😀