Today, we couldnโ€™t be more excited to announce our official Sustainability goals! As a small company, itโ€™s been a long journey toward making these changes possible. Here is our commitment to you and our planet now, in 2021 and beyond:

  1. As of today, October 13th 2020, Happy Campers becomes a part of the Impact Collective. This means that for every loaf sold, we offset its environmental impact by reclaiming 50% of its packaging (in weight) from ocean-bound plastic. Our goal is to reclaim the full 100% and thus become plastic-neutral by the end of 2021. We achieve this through Impact Collective, where we join a group of other forward-thinking brands. Together, we invest in certified community plastic collection projects in the areas of the world most impacted by plastic pollution due to ocean currents – Haiti, Indonesia, the Philippines and India. We are in the process of building a web page where we will keep you posted about these projects, as well as provide all appropriate certifications and specific measurable metrics of the impact.
  2. By May 2021, all Happy Campers Bars will be packaged and sold in home-compostable wrappers. Happy Campers will use all 100% compostable wrappers made from renewable wood pulp, which means they will decompose in your home compost within 8-16 weeks. The material is certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute to the ASTM D6400 standard, which means it meets all the worldโ€™s compostable standards, including home composting.
  3. Also by May 2021, all Happy Campers Bread Mixes will be packaged and sold in plastic-free pouches, made from 60% compostable and 100% renewable material. Renewable means that materials of the package are made from non-plastic sources, such as wood pulp or upcycling by-products from sugar cane or other plants.
  4. These changes are just the first step in going plastic-free. We commit to you to continue seeking better renewable materials for our bread and bun packaging. While pulling plastic out of our environment is a great step in the right direction, we recognize the solution is not perfect, as we are still creating plastic in the first place. Specifically, we are looking to 1) replace plastic bag closures with closures made from renewable sources, and 2) find environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic for our bread and bun packaging, which will still offer adequate protection for the product.

We started Happy Campers out of our love for wellness and happiness. For us, it makes all the sense in the world that our own health is intertwined with the health of our planet and the environment around us.

At Happy Campers, we believe in doing the right thing, being kind and treating others, including our planet, the way you want to be treated. Thank you for joining us on the journey to a kinder and cleaner world!