It’s less than a week until Thanksgiving, which means you’re probably looking to add some gluten-free scrumptiousness to your festive feast! Well, look no further—we’re super-excited to announce two yummy stuffing mixes in these stores today!
People’s Co-op (Portland, OR)
Alberta Co-op (Portland, OR)
Food Front Co-op Northwest (Portland, OR)
Food Front Co-op Hillsdale (Portland, OR)
Mother’s Marketplace (Hood River, OR)
Sundance Natural Foods (Eugene, OR)
Ashland’s Own Shop’n Kart (Ashland, OR)
LifeSource Natural Foods (Salem, OR)
Astoria Co-op (Astoria, OR)
Main Market Co-op (Spokane, WA)
Sno-Isle Food Co-op (Everett, WA)
Arnada Naturals (Vancouver, WA)
Rainbow Grocery Co-op (San Francisco, CA)
Winter Ridge Natural Foods (Sandpoint, ID)
Not near any of these stores? We’re happy to ship it right to you!
Now, we know stuffing can be such a personal thing during the holidays—we’ve all had our favorite stuffing growing up! There are so many delicious ways to make it, and it’s enjoyed in many flavors and textures….The taste of savory sage and olive oil…the richness of mushrooms and buckwheat! Well, we’ve done some yummy taste-testing, and included our favorite Happy Campers stuffing recipes right on the package—but we’d love you to try your own and tell us about it!
In any case, we’re sure you’ll make something tasty! Happy Thanksgiving, and happy eating! 😛