Last year we were introduced to the Royal Family Kids camps here in Portland. Every Summer they hold a camp for foster kids from Multnomah County, and their purpose is to provide all the children a safe space to just ‘be kids’ and have a truly happy, positive experience. They are staffed solely by volunteers who wonderfully and generously give their time and energy. Most importantly, their primary purpose is cultivating happiness and wellness among foster kids. Naturally, we wanted to show all our support again this year, to every happy little camper who might benefit from our gluten-free loaves!
We believe that quality happiness can be just as emotionally nourishing as the foods we eat, so we were overjoyed to be able to contribute both! Seriously, though, happy kids are the best things in the entire world. And goodness, it’s the greatest feeling to be responsible for any part of that. 🙂
Royal Family Kids & happy Campers Gluten Free