Happy Campers Gluten Free @ PSU Farmers' Market 2015
Well, happy campers, it seems Spring is just too excited to wait until March 21st! (Winter, we hardly knew ye!) And, of course that can mean only one thing (well, plenty of awesome things, actually)—it’s time for us to return again to the PSU Farmers’ Market, woohoo!
With such superbly beautiful weather, we know you’ll probably want to get outside and enjoy all that wonderfully warm sunshine and those cool springtime breezes! Cycling across Portland bridges, running through parks, climbing rocks, and picnicking with your family and friends….
But if you make your way downtown on a Saturday, come and enjoy the Farmers’ Market fun at PSU every Saturday and pick up a deliciously fresh loaf of gluten-free bread!
Even if you’re all stocked up, look for our orange tent and come by to say “hi!” We’d love to see you. Tell us a joke! Mingle with all the other curious, hungry people! Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sunlight! Nibble on some tasty samples!
If there’s one thing we’re certain about, it’s that 2015 is going to be awesome. And delicious. We hope to see you! Happy weekend! 🙂