You know the kinds of days where you wake up and think, “wouldn’t it be great if the world had more mediocre gluten-free bread?” …Yeah, neither do we. But that’s okay, because we’re fortunate enough to wake up and bake our bread for you!
As you know, we introduced our all-new organic seed-flour breads a few months ago, and the response has been wonderfully staggering! We couldn’t be happier with how the year has panned out so far. Thanks to so many requests from all of you, we’ve been getting our new bread to more and more stores, so keep asking your local food market to stock our loaves! Of course, this means we’ve been busier baking than we’ve ever been, and we just wanted to remind you that it’s all because of you! 🙂
You have all been the most wonderful people! Gosh, we’re grateful.
If you’ve ordered a box of loaves from afar, or came by in person to say “hi” at a farmers’ market…if you aren’t gluten-intolerant or -sensitive, but you love it anyway…if you’re just now rediscovering bread again after realizing that gluten is not the best of your friends. If you’re big, if you’re small—you love our bread, we love you all!
One of the best rewards of getting to do what we do (besides the endless snack opportunities) is the sheer fun. It’s a happiness that doesn’t stop at the edges of our smiles. It comes from knowing that we’re baking the healthiest, tastiest, most enjoyable bread we can; and most importantly, that you love it. We love hearing your stories and seeing your smiles at all of our Farmers’ Market tents. We grin at all your fun banter online. It sounds cheesy (mmm, cheese) to say, but without you, we wouldn’t be here! As long as you keep supporting our yummy bread, you can bet we’ll keep on baking it. (The ciiircle of liiife!)
Simply put: we wouldn’t be ‘Happy Campers’ if it weren’t for all of you happy campers. So—thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of our hearts (and tummies).
And don’t forget to spread the good word about us! We’ve got some good ideas in the, er, oven. This is just the beginning! We’re just getting started…. 😉