Hi you all soon-to-be happy campers!  In this blog section, we’ll post stories about our adventures so you can get to know us better – trips, fun baking stories… anything that goes on in our lives and we feel is worth sharing.  We invite you to do the same on our facebook – photos, stories, comments, suggestions, we want to hear from you!
So to dive in this first intro blog: where did these kids – Lacy and Jan – come from?  And how come they like baking gluten free bread so much?  And why do I feel like I’m out for a stroll in the woods when I browse through this website?  You may wonder all these things.

Czech Republic – Lacy and I visiting Cesky Krumlov

Lacy and I met as undergrads at Willamette University in Salem, OR.  Lacy comes from the small town of Sandpoint, Idaho and I came here as an exchange student from the Czech Republic. We were both diagnosed with a severe gluten intolerance in 2009.  Craving wholesome, nutritious and, fresh bread, we started experimenting with recipes.  Lacy comes from a family of serious bakers, so our undertaking turned into a whole-family endeavor as Lacy’s dad joined in the effort to come up with a gluten-free bread worthy of that tradition.  We started our bakery as a school project while attending the Willamette business school and in the fall of 2010, we sold our first bread at the Salem farmer’s market.  From then on, we’ve been living the dream of passionate bakers and small business owners.  And, of course, we got an A in our class project!

Sandpoint, Idaho – Lacy’s parents and I skiing

We both grew up in small towns surrounded by nature.  Ever since being little kids, we hiked, camped, swam in lakes, skied, and played out in the woods all the time.  Lacy had about a dozen pet animals and competed in horse competitions and rowing.  I raced bikes and scaled mountain peaks.  Recently, we’ve fallen for rock climbing and trail running.  Being active in nature is what recharges us and keeps us healthy.  We couldn’t separate work from play so we kind of blended them both together.
As fun stuff happens, we’ll be sure to give you an update here.  Thanks for checking in!