Yummy, healthy, allergy-friendly! There you have it, the bread of your dreams! Doesn’t matter if you’re gluten-, wheat-, dairy-, egg-, soy-, sugar-, rice-, corn-free; these scrumptious loaves will make you a happy camper! We bake them for you in our dedicated gluten-free bakery in Portland, Oregon.


There are a ton of great benefits in each delicious Happy Campers loaf! Here are a few of our favorites….


  • We bake every loaf to be as allergy-friendly as possible, so pretty much everyone can enjoy this bread!
  • No junk! All our breads are made with high-quality, organic, 100% non-GMO ingredients! Really nourish yourself.
  • Amazingly wholesome: allergy-friendly, highly-nutritious, and super-delicious! Great health never tasted so good

Gluten-free bread used to be bread for people who simply couldn’t eat gluten. While that still holds true, of course, it’s important to realize that everybody benefits from food that is truly good for them. With the nutrition and ingredient variety, Happy Campers bread is the right choice for healthy happy campers!


  • Even if you don’t have any food allergies, you can be sure you’re eating good-for-you, nutritious, low-inflammatory food.
  • We use nutrition-packed, whole seed flours that have low-glycemic index. This way, Happy Campers will fuel your day longer and won’t spike your blood sugar like many other breads do.
  • Excellent protein and fiber stats with low-sodium, low-sugar values.
  • You’re getting awesome variety in your diet by eating foods you hardly ever eat!


With our bread products, we’re most excited about the variety we can bring to your eating. That’s why we decided to use a special mix of seed flours, instead of the most common grains, such as rice or corn. If you eat gluten-free, we’re sure you’ve noticed how prevalent rice flours are in our diet. If you eat too much of any one thing, you run the risk of developing an intolerance and you’re also missing out on a whole lot of nutrition that you would otherwise find in other foods. That’s why we offer you a great variety in our mix: Millet, Sorghum, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Amaranth. All 100%-organic whole flours, each offering different variety of nutrients!