Hey, Happy Campers! We’ve got some exciting news! ?
You know how we’re super-passionate about bringing you the truly tastiest, healthiest, GF bread we can? Of course you do. Well, we’re delighted to share that we’ve made an awesome new friend who feels exactly the same way about what they do! Meet Homegrown Sustainable Sandwiches. Just like we’re committed to bringing you the best GF bread out there, they’re incredibly passionate about making the best possible sandwiches out there! And wow, do they do wonders. Delicious, delicious wonders.
Okay, so, now we want you to close your eyes — unless you’re driving or juggling flaming objects, at which point we’re just impressed you’re also reading this — and try to imagine the best possible sandwich you can. Just try it…the best sandwich. Flavorful? Yes. Drool-worthily delicious? Absolutely. The perfect proportion of textures? Exactly. Crafted from the highest quality ingredients available? Only always. Made from locally and sustainably sourced foods? Of course. Insanely creative ingredient combinations that will tickle your tastebuds and blow your mind? Uh, yeah! You get what we’re saying here, right? Homegrown actually makes these sandwiches! Like, ones that you can go eat right now! It’s basically scrumptious sandwich environmentalism. They are seriously the best in every measurable way we care about.
We immediately thought it was loaf at first sight a perfect partnership, so we decided to start baking special loaves for them to make their awesome sandwiches with your favorite GF option. OH, YEAH. ?

Mouthwatering images courtesy of Homegrown

Mouthwatering images courtesy of Homegrown

We and the amazing folks at Homegrown had the wonderful pleasure of visiting each other’s awesome food factories recently. We were so impressed with the care and passion that these folks put into the amazing food they make! (And did we mention that their sandwiches are delicious?) We really couldn’t be more excited to partner with them and support their passion to make amazing food for you to enjoy!
You should check out everything about Homegrown on their site, particularly their amazing menu (but be prepared to drool)! Homegrown has many locations in Seattle and several new ones in San Francisco, so make sure to go support them and us and your love for tasty sandwiches! We’re willing to bet you won’t be disappointed…. Happy eating! ??