Gluten Free Ingredients - Quinoa

Quinoa – Organic Whole Seed Flour

Inca warriors had more stamina and quicker recovery time by eating quinoa seeds, making it a truly ancient and awesome power-food. Quinoa offers a complete protein, which no other seeds or grains do! Complete protein means that not only are all nine essential amino acids present, but they are also in correct proportions for healthily supporting biological functions in the human body. Loaded with key antioxidants, good fiber, and plenty of minerals, quinoa is a healthful, tasty super-food.

Gluten Free Ingredients - Millet

Millet – Organic Whole Seed Flour

Millet is one of the best-kept secrets of our ancient ancestors, and has been used throughout the ages and across many countries. Besides a having a wide variety of minerals, protein and fiber, millet is also super-cool because it’s one of the very few alkaline-forming flours available. Our blood PH changes depending on the ratio of acidic- or alkaline-forming foods we eat. The typical American diet is far too high in acid-producing foods, such as grains, sugars, and animal products, and far too low in alkaline-producing foods like fresh vegetables (and millet!).

Gluten Free Ingredients - Sorghum

Sorghum – Organic Whole Grain Flour

Sorghum, an ancient cereal grain, was originally cultivated in Africa, where it has long-remained a nutritious staple — and for good reason! It’s full of super-healthful vitamins and minerals like phosphorous (makes our bones happy!); as well as niacin and iron, which support a healthy metabolism and immune system. Sorghum has excellent protein, and contains plenty of dietary fiber that can benefit blood-sugar management and weight control. It’s also packed with more awesome antioxidants than blueberries!

Gluten Free Ingredients - Buckwheat

Buckwheat – Organic Whole Seed Flour

Make no mistake — naturally gluten-free, buckwheat has no relation to regular wheat whatsoever. It is actually a fruit seed related to rhubarb and sorrel. It’s naturally high in fiber, and studies have shown that it helps slow down the rate of glucose absorption after a meal, making it a healthy choice for people with diabetes. It also contains all nine essential amino acids and is chock-full of key minerals.

Gluten Free Ingredients - Amaranth

Amaranth – Organic Whole Seed Flour

The word ‘amaranth’ means ‘everlasting’ in Greek. Indeed, this tiny seed has endured the ages as an important food source for ancient civilizations in South America and Mexico, and it’s no surprise, due to its highly nutritious gluten-free flour, full of potassium, iron, and calcium. Amaranth is also among the most nutritious vegetable-based proteins available, and is frequently considered nutritionally on par with protein from animal-based products.

Gluten Free Ingredients - Tapioca

Tapioca – Organic Flour

Tapioca flour, because of its lightness, is a tremendous aid for structure and texture in gluten-free baking. It contributes to the springy texture in many baked goods, and without it, gluten-free bread would be heavier and crumble more easily. Since tapioca is a starch and thus not whole-flour, we strive to use as little as possible so we can offer you the most nutritious gluten-free bread you can find anywhere.

Gluten Free Ingredients - Psyllium

Psyllium Husk – Whole

Psyllium husk has been used in Indian medicine for thousands of years. It helps to regulate the bowel, promotes colon health, improves digestion, and cleanses the system, making it an excellent choice for healthy eating. Psyllium husk is also an excellent fiber supplement, with over 75% of its weight being dietary fiber.

Gluten Free Ingredients - Yeast


Good old bread yeast — makes your bread rise and your taste buds and nose grin. Yeast gives bread its bready yeasty flavor that all humans were born to love!

Gluten Free Ingredients - Pea Protein

Pea Protein

Pea protein is said to be one of the most perfect proteins for human consumption. Its benefits over both animal and other vegetable proteins include: Ease of digestion, ideal amino acid profile and lack of allergens. It has been found to be amongst the most digestible source of protein available. It contains Lysine, for balanced nitrogen levels in muscles, promotes muscle metabolism and a healthy heart. If you use Happy Campers to fuel your athletic activities, then Glutamine found in pea protein helps restore nitrogen balance after a heavy workout. Leucine, isoleucine and valine (all amino acids) help maintain tissues during exercise.

Gluten Free Ingredients - Seeds

Pumpkin, Flax, Sunflower, & Millet Seeds – Organic

Though they may be little, they sure are ambitious. With the power within them to grow a flourishing plant, they are a gold-mine of minerals, fiber, protein, and more. Each type of seeds we use in our seedy Party Hearty loaf is unique in the health benefits that it offers, so by using a range of different types, we have all your bases covered.

Gluten Free Ingredients - Olive Oil

Olive Oil – Organic

We all know olive oil as the highest quality cooking oil you can use. We’re excited to now offer this healthy organic option in your bread! The health benefits of a diet that’s high in olive oil have actually been demonstrated by people living in Mediterranean areas, such as Greece and Southern Italy, for hundreds of years. Despite the fact that people in these places have traditionally had a diet that’s high in fat, they have much lower rates of diabetes and heart disease than in the US.

Gluten Free Ingredients - Xanthan

Xanthan Gum

One of the most commonly used ingredients in gluten-free baking, xanthan gum is an all-natural thickener that is most often used to replace the springy flexibility of gluten. It is a natural carbohydrate, made from the outer shell of a tiny microorganism called Xanthomonas campestris.