It’s Always a New Year!

It’s Always a New Year!

It’s that time of year again! Once the alluring newness of January has faded away, it’s much easier to be bogged down by the daily grind. Keeping up those New Year’s resolutions seems exhausting and increasingly impossible. (More than a third of New Year’s resolution-makers break them before February even begins!)

“Lose all excess weight!”
“Exercise frequently!”
“Drink enough water every day!”
“Consistently eat more fruit and vegetables!”
“Quit smoking!”

Those all sound simple, don’t they? They’re good and healthy resolutions…but they can seem drastically big! Many people are quickly discouraged when they don’t see immediate progress when pursuing such goals. What’s worse, if those goals eventually do seem too drastic, they’ll almost always lead to failure. It’s certainly important to keep those goals in focus—but that’s not what this is really about. This is about something simpler. Something better.
Regardless of whatever “big” resolutions you might have made at the start of 2013, don’t underestimate all the small ones that could make just as big a difference. Living healthily doesn’t need to be taxing—in fact, it should be quite the opposite!
At Happy Campers, we generally live by just three rules:

  • Rule #1: Be healthily happy.
  • Rule #2: See #1.
  • Rule #3: Um….

…See where we’re going with this?
A lot of people seem to forget that good food and exercise, as healthful as they are, aren’t the sole contributors to being healthy. Sometimes resolving to do the smaller things helps just as much. The next time you give someone a hug, hold them for a second or two longer than usual. A smile, even longer. Smiling isn’t just something we do because we’re happy; it actually perpetuates happiness! Do something new, something fresh! Or simply do something familiar, but that makes you happy. If you’re tired, get some good rest, and then go for a hike with a friend! Enjoy some fresh toast! Climb a tree! Tell someone you love them. Read a book, outside in the sun! Ride a moose bareback through the forest! Let yourself be inspired so much in one day that by its end, you fall asleep and soon wake up ready to do it all over again.
Our specialty as Happy Campers might be making some of the tastiest, most nutritious, gluten-free bread we can, but what we’re really after is something much bigger than that. We’re very proud of the bread we bake, and as much as we love it, our resolution is to make it even better for anyone and everyone who’d like a bite (or several!).
Eat well, of course. But most importantly, don’t forget to be well. Remember to nurture your life, not just your body!
So. Even though we’re now past January: Happy 2013! It’s never too late to make a resolution—big or small—it’s always a new year! The good things in the upcoming months have only just begun….
Now, stop reading this and go do something that makes you happy!
(…We’re off to bake!)