Dr. Sara Gillham is currently a Resident Physician at the Center for Natural Medicine. She earned her BA in biology from Willamette University in 2004, where she graduated magna cum laude with departmental honors. Dr. Gillham’s love of science and passion for holistic health care motivated her to pursue a Naturopathic Doctorate at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM), which she completed in 2011 with honors in research.

Since childhood Sara loved immersing herself in solving puzzles, riddles and mysteries. This passion for problem solving lead her into medical research. Her past research includes reproductive endocrinology projects at UCSF, Qi Gong and CAM usage studies in diabetics at Basty University, and studies of meditation and neurofeedback at NCNM. Sara also was the recipient of a T-32 predoctoral research grant from the National Institutes of Health.
Through her studies of health and wellness she has developed a firm belief that proper nutrition, adequate exercise and a well balanced life are the absolute foundations of wellness. In her medical practice she has seen a gluten free diet resolve a wide array of symptoms. To this end, she takes great pleasure in assisting Happy Campers Founders Lacy and Jan in their endeavor to create healthful gluten-free products.

Sara is Lacy’s sister. She helped Lacy and  Jan discover they needed to live the gluten-free lifestyle. She will be sharing tips in Happy Campers Healthy Quest, so stay tuned to our website and our Facebook page.