Re-use your empty bread bags!

Check out this website to find a place near you to recycle our packaging:

  1. Outer bread bags #4 Plastic Bags.
  2. Bread closures #6 Rigid Plastic.
  3. Inner packaging is NOT recyclable at this time. Please read more below!

Here are some other fun ideas to Recycle / Upcycle bags:

Why do we use the inner bag? The primary purpose is to keep your loaf fresher longer. We’re tremendously proud to use absolutely no modified starches, preservatives or other junk to extend the shelf-life of our loaves! Because we bake with the most wholesome, clean ingredients, it becomes quite the challenge to keep nature from taking its course and having your tasty loaf mold quickly. The special vacuum packaging we use prevents just that. We’re always experimenting and improving, looking for ways to prolong freshness in a way that doesn’t compromise our ‘natural ingredient promise’, and with overall less packaging. We are actively looking for new solutions as we speak!

The vacuum packaging is, of course; BPA-free, strictly food-grade, and is as minimal as possible. We also did further research to make sure that the plastic we decided to use is as sustainably produced as possible, with the efficiency of both energy and resources in mind.