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This is a tasty sugar-free loaf with a light nutty flavor so mouth wateringly delicious, a few fresh slices are sure to make your hugs extra-strong and your high-fives even more satisfying! It’s loaded with plenty of super-nutritious hemp seeds, full of whole protein and heart-healthy Omega-3s. Of course, every hero needs a sidekick, so it’s also joined by millet seeds: tiny bits of crunchy goodness that are chock-full of vitamins and rich in minerals to make your body happy. Three cheers for this stupendously scrumptious bread!


Nutritional Information

Nutrition Facts Amount/serving%DV* Amount/serving%DV*
6.5 servings
per container
Total Fat 4g 6% Total Carb. 32g 11%
Serving size
2 silces (71g)
Sat.Fat 0g 2% Dietary Fiber 5g 19%
Trans Fat 0g Sugars 0g
per serving 171
Cholesterol 0mg 0% Incl.0g Added Sugars 0%
Sodium 226mg 9% Protein 4g



Filtered Water, Flour Mix* (Whole Grain Millet*, Whole Grain Sorghum*, Whole Grain Buckwheat*, Whole Grain Quinoa*, Whole Grain Amaranth*), Tapioca Flour*, Ground Hemp Seed*, Prebiotic Fiber*, Pea Protein*, Millet*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Psyllium Husk*, Acacia Fiber*, Yeast, Xanthan Gum, Salt, Guar Gum* 


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3 reviews for Hemp Hemp Hooray

  1. Stacy

    I haven’t been able to find bread at the store that I can eat in years since I am sensitive to wheat, corn and rice among other things. Not only is this bread pretty good for allergy food, it is just GOOD. Takes a little getting used to once you heat it (no gluten so you can’t grab a corner out of the toaster, it will break in two lol) but it toasts amazingly and makes super tasty sandwiches. I had my first grilled cheese in almost 5 years!!! This bread is life changing for me.

  2. KathyO

    I’ve tried many gluten-free breads over the years. This is the first bread I can enjoy.
    As another reviewer notes, it makes a great toast. (Great with avocados, eggs, MCT oil)
    I’m on this website because the two local stores that carried the bread no longer stock it. I like this bread so much that I’m motivated to locate another store.

  3. Deborah Pritchard

    This is my favorite bread, bar none! Like they say on the label, it needs to be toasted…resulting in a fantastic crunchy texture, very tasty, and the best avocado toast possibly on the planet.
    Thank heavens! And the Happy Campers team for this creation??

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