Sandwich Protector


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Tired of Sandwich Squishitis??? You know, the disease that’s been plaguing the sandwich world since the middle ages: you make your dream sandwich, take it with you on the go, only to realize it’s been squished by your laptop, books or something else heavy in your bag, right when you’re about to satisfy that hunger and fuel your adventure!!! We have the solution with this lovely little Happy Campers sandwich box! Give your sandwiches a cozy home for the journey to your tummy and forget about ever having to eat a squished sandwich again! Bonus: you can reuse this BPA-free box forever, wash it in the dishwasher, freeze in it, even microwave if you want. 9 out of 10 sandwiches agree: “Sandwich box is a WAAAAY cozier and safer home than a freaking Ziploc bag.”


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