Classy Slice is your all-around classic sandwich bread — only awesome! It tastes like traditional bread with a little more scrumptious oomph, packed full of great flavor and nutrition. Every tasty bite is full of wholesome goodness, and it’s not sweet or eggy. All the full-flavored deliciousness you want in your bread! Learn more about our Ingredients & Nutrition

The minimum required order value is $30.00

Order Value $64 or more $63-$62 $61-$54 $53-$46 $45-$40 $39-$30
Total Shipping Charge Free $2.00 $4.00 $5.00 $7.00 $9.00
Examples of Orders that ship for Free! 1 Case of Bread + 6 Bars($64.14) 4 Loaves of Bread + 1 Case of Bars($64.96) 1 YEAR SHELF-LIFE IN FREEZER