Oh, Party Hearty! You had a good run. Your rich and tasty buckwheat made us feel like we could ride a moose bareback! Your delicious variety of nutrient-packed seeds fueled us to victory on the tops of mountains! And your flavorful blackstrap molasses made us smile and want to just give everyone a great big hug!
But wait! — before you think we’re retiring our yummy Party Hearty loaf, think again! We’re just changing the name. The thing is, as fun as partying heartily is, it’s the only one of our loaves that doesn’t tell you what amazingly yummy goodness is in it!
So, Party Hearty is becoming…Stompin’ Good Seedy Buckwheat Molasses!
Stompin' Good Seedy Buckwheat Molasses Happy Campers Gluten-Free bread
We know Party Hearty is a favorite to so many of you happy campers, and we don’t blame you! 😉 (We should know, we’ve been trying to keep up our baking for your hungry appetites!) You can rest assured that only the name has changed, and not your favorite bread full of all the super-healthy deliciousness you’ll only find in a loaf of Happy Campers.
Party on! 😀