3 Healthy Holiday Habits…

3 Healthy Holiday Habits…

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We’re in the final stretch. Nothing between us and 2022 but peace on Earth, decking the halls…and about 206,000 calories! 

That’s why we want to share some tips to have a healthy holiday.

Tip #1 – PLAY! To mitigate those extra (and delicious!) calories, get out and enjoy the season. You can sled, build a snowman (it doesn’t have to be a snowman), chop wood… Our favorite? Take 2 walks a day with visiting family (like the ones in photo below). It’s a great way to increase your exercise while also bonding with loved ones. 

Tip #2 – MINDSET! Kelly McGonigal shows it’s not stress that’s bad for you. It’s stressing about stress that’s damaging! And it applies to food, too. Bottom line: if  you’re going to eat dessert, don’t feel guilty about it. Desserts are a part of the holiday season, so be kind to yourself! Don’t go overboard, but set food goals that are realistic and achievable for you. Stick to those goals and enjoy the deliciousness. 

Tip #3 – GO BOOZE-FREE! This holiday, instead of alcohol, we’re enjoying Curious Elixirs cocktails. They’re organic, sweetened with juice only and very low in sugar. We like them so much we reached out and asked about a special coupon. Enter HEALTHYHABIT22 on their website for $10 off a $50 purchase. Place an order by tomorrow to guarantee delivery before Christmas. Place an order by the end of the week for delivery by New Year’s Eve.