7/19/2023 New Bakery Almost Ready!

7/19/2023 New Bakery Almost Ready!

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Dear happy campers,

💖🎉 We are up and baking and online sales will resume on MONDAY 7/24! 🎉💖

The beautiful Classy Slice loaves in the photos above and below are from last week, when we were test baking.

It seems luck is smiling on us and we are excited and proud about the quality of breads that we're baking for you! This week, our wonderful new bakers are easing into full production mode with focus on training and meticulously practicing each baking step.

Here are some important details:

🥪 Online sales will resume on Monday 7/24.

🥪 We are ONLY baking Classy Slice, Yum White and Food Service breads. Other flavors will become available within the next several weeks.

🥪 The allergen profile of all breads is unchanged. Still free from Top 9 Allergens and baked in GF dedicated and certified bakery.

🥪 All our ingredients remain certified kosher but the new facility is NOT certified Kosher. 

🥪 Recipes remain unchanged. Ingredients are still Organic and always will be.

🥪 Temporarily, bread bags will be labeled with a "sticker" instead of a printed bag. 


Check out the Classy Slice baking videos below! We are thrilled to bake for you again and thank you so much for your support!!!😁🙏

-- Lacy, Jan and the Happy Campers team