7/4/2024 Red-white-blue Berry White Chocolate Muffins recipe!

7/4/2024 Red-white-blue Berry White Chocolate Muffins recipe!

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Sweeten any all of your patriotic celebrations with these delightful red-white-blue Berry White Chocolate Muffins! 😋 Or make them any day of the year you want something super tasty! 😄 


🗽 Gluten free and Dairy-free

🗽 No Sugar Added

As with all Easy Peasy Flour Mix recipes, the goal is a delicious nutritious gluten free baked good that is EASY PEASY to make!
Ingredients (makes 12 muffins):  
🧁 1.5 Cups Easy Peasy flour mix
🧁 3 Ripe bananas
🧁 1/2 Cup melted Plant-Based butter or Coconut Oil
🧁 1 Tbsp Vanilla
🧁 1/4 Cup Water
🧁 2 tsp Baking Soda
🧁 1/2 Cup Sweetener of your choice
(we used Lakanto's 1:1 Erythritol & Monkfruit sugar replacement)
🧁 1/2 Cup White Chocolate Chips (we used Lilly's)
🧁 1/2 Cup chopped Strawberries and/or Raspberries
🧁 1/2 Cup Blueberries and/or Blackberries
Note about frozen berries: we used frozen berries that we thawed out. It worked just, but overall fresh berries are preferable.
🍓 Pre-heat oven to 350F
🍓 Put Bananas, Melted Butter, Water, Vanilla and Sweetener into a blender (Vitamix or similar) and puree 
🍓 Put Flour Mix and Baking Soda into a mixer bowl, pour the pureed mixture in, and mix on high speed for 2 minutes (we use Kitchen Aid mixer)
🍓 Gently fold Berries and White Chocolate Chips in (save a few berries for later as topping!)
🍓 Scoop the thick batter into a lined cupcakes/muffin pan
🍓 Bake for 25 minutes (check 20 minutes in)
Note: If you don't have a blender and/or Kitchen Aid mixer, you can mush bananas with a fork and use a hand-held electric mixer to combine all ingredients together.
You can use your own, or here's our favorite simple dairy-free recipe using Cashews:
🌰 1.5 Cups Cashews (soaked in hot water for at least 30 minutes)
🌰 1/2 Cup melted Coconut Oil
🌰 1/2 Cup fine powder Sweetener
(we used Lakanto's 1:1 Erythritol & Monkfruit sugar replacement that we turned into a fine powder in a Vitamix blender or coffee grinder)
🌰 1 Tbsp Vanilla
🌰 1/8 tsp Salt
🌀 Put all ingredients in high-speed blender and blend until smooth
🌀 Put in freezer for 45 minutes to firm
🌀 Frost away and put a few berries on top for that red-white-and blue effect! 
These wholesome gluten-free dairy-muffins (or cupcakes?🤔) hold up fantastically and will last several days in your fridge, staying soft, moist and delicious! 
Enjoy!!! 💓🤍💙