ANNOUNCING: Happy Campers Gluten-Free Bread is Certified Organic!

ANNOUNCING: Happy Campers Gluten-Free Bread is Certified Organic!

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Hey, Happy Campers!
It’s here, it’s here! FINALLY. ?
We’re overjoyed to announce that your favorite bread is now officially USDA Certified Organic! Yes, that’s right! 100% of our tasty loaf flavors are…
✔️ Gluten-free
✔️ Vegan
✔️ Allergy-friendly
✔️ Nutritious
✔️ Delicious
✔️ And now, Certified Organic, too! ?
Okay, okay, it’s no secret that we absolutely love baking the healthiest, tastiest GF goodness we can for all of you. But this has been a looong time coming. Ever since we started
baking our breads and buns, we’ve been committed to continually improving them with even better n
utrition, amazing texture, and always scrumptious flavors. As you probably already know, we’ve always used mostly organic ingredients in all our our yummy breads. Of course, an awesome variety of healthful nutrients is great, but a consistent quality of nutrition is even better.

So, why has it taken so long to get Organic certification?
Getting organic certification with our allergy-friendly standards is quite a crazy process, but we think it’s worth it! We always try our absolute hardest to source the best ingredients we can for you. We know you want and deserve the most delicious nutrition in the cleanest, quality ingredients possible!
So, we began our research…. It’s been astounding to discover all sorts of things about the ingredient supply Industry! Before, we weren’t able to use a few organic GF ingredients because they…didn’t really exist!
Wait, what? ?
Turns out, reliably finding some Certified Organic AND Certified GF ingredients is pretty tough! They just weren’t produced anywhere with both certifications. But we continued looking — and it finally happened! As our global community continues to support Organic (and gluten-free), more and more farmers are making the switch, and we were there to buy their crops to make it into delicious bread!

Just about now, all the Happy Campers bread you’re seeing on your store shelves or in your order boxes are Certified Organic, woohoo!
Certified Organic is a huge deal to us! It’s not just a pretty little logo — here’s what it really means:

All Organic food is produced by farmers who emphasize conserving soil and water, and using renewable resources to enhance environmental quality in a responsible and sustainable way [1]. This means absolutely NO fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients, NO sewage sludge, NO bioengineering, NO ionizing radiation. Nope, nope, nope. None of that.
Okay, now, with that in mind: all the nutrients in the ingredients we eat come from the earth in which they’re grown. Healthy, organic, richer soil means happier crops! Happier crops, of course, means better food, and better food…well, you get the picture. ?
But the importance of Certified Organic doesn’t just stop there. Any companies that handle or process our organic ingredients must also be certified. Not only are our breads Certified Organic, but our dedicated GF facility is, too! This means our entire bakery and any party who handles our ingredients throughout our supply chain must meet these same standards.

You care about quality nourishment, and we bake to support you!

We want our bread to help you feel great: not just because you’re enjoying tasty toast, but also because you know you’re supporting a healthy and sustainable way for good food to be produced.
Whenever you grab 
an organic loaf of Happy
Campers, you can be sure that it’s full of only the good stuff, baked in a tremendously allergy-friendly environment. We hope every delicious, wholesome bite you take of our bread reflects that!
Please know we care deeply about this — but most importantly — we know you do, too. ?
We’re so delighted to offer you even cleaner bread than ever, and officially be a part of the Organic movement! No synthetic pesticides means cleaner water, happier soil, happier bugs and worms — and in the end, happier planet and happy campers! Ah! We love when there are so many reasons to jump for joy!
Oh! — we hear the ovens beeping — several batches of organic loaves must be done…back into the bakery we go!
We can’t wait to tell you about everything else we’ve been working so hard on recently — but more great news soon! Until then, give someone a good hug, make a scrumptious sandwich with your favorite Happy Campers loaf, and enjoy all the good things you possibly can. ? ?