Announcing: New Timeline for Shipping Orders

Announcing: New Timeline for Shipping Orders

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Dear Happy Campers,

It’s been a wild ride since Covid started and 2022 has been like a full-blown Mr. Toad’s wild ride so far!

Due to events outside of our control, we need to update the timeline for shipping orders. Our goal is to set accurate expectations and serve you as best as possible!

  1. We will continue to do our very best to ship orders within 1 business day, but some orders may take 2-3 days to ship
  2. Transit time could take longer, as FedEx and UPS report average 20% of packages are delivered 1-3 days late 

Our commitment is to do everything humanly possible to ship your bread fast AND to keep you informed if we can’t. Here is how we’re improving our communication: 

  1. If your order ships any later than 2 business days, we will proactively email you to let you know and keep you updated
  2. If your order is delayed by FedEx or UPS more than 1 day, we will proactively email you and keep you updated 

As always - we guarantee your purchase! If your package is lost or there is anything wrong with it, we will make it right and reship your order or refund it. 

As always - even with a shipping delay, your bread should arrive in perfect condition. Thanks to our oxygen-less package, shelf-life of our bread in unopened packaging is 14 days, even in the heat of the summer. 

Please reach out to let us know how else we can improve to serve you as best as possible in these tricky times!

We’re incredibly grateful for your support and incredibly proud of our whole team who is working day and night. We’re learning, growing and we’re invigorated by the challenges. There is nothing one can’t do as long as there is a wholesome sandwich in hand! 😄

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey! 

Jan and Lacy

PS: If you’re curious about more details on the challenges of today’s supply chain, please check out this blog from our geeky co-founder Jan.