Ask the Pros: Expert Advice for Baking at Home

Ask the Pros: Expert Advice for Baking at Home

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Are you an aspiring home baker? Or already a seasoned (pun intended) home baking pro? Either way, we got some great advice for you! 


Happy Campers co-founder Jan, along with several other baking pros, was recently interviewed for an article about baking at home. Here's the article, containing a ton of great advice, which all applies to gluten free baking at home as well!

The gluten free versions of our favorite foods can be hard to find in a grocery aisle, so a lot of us gluten-free people turn to baking at home.

Jan's question was about "Tips to design an aesthetic and functional baking station" and here is what he had to share:


My number one advice to a functional home baking station that’s delightful to use and produces volumes of delicious goods with ease and efficiency is simple: Organize everything you need in one place.


If the parts of your baking station are scattered around your kitchen, hidden behind appliances or at the back of drawers, you’re simply not going to use it nearly as much and you won’t experience the joys of home-baking nearly as much!


At its most basic, a baking station consists of 1) some counter space, 2) mixer(s), 3) dishware, utensils etc., and 4) ingredients. You need to have all these parts organized together in one place. When it’s time to bake, it’s amazing how much of a difference it makes to be able to immediately access everything you need.


My home kitchen isn’t very big, yet my baking station at home is probably larger than what most households would have. So I use a metro wire roll-in rack. It’s about 5 feet tall and has 5 shelves that are 1 ft deep and 2 ft wide. On the bottom rack are my pans. The next level holds all my utensils such as measuring cups and spoons, spatulas, whisks, small dishware, scales, thermometer etc. The next 2 levels hold all my ingredients. The top level holds 2 mixers.


I keep this rolling rack in my utility closet next to my kitchen. When it’s time to bake, I simply roll the rack into the kitchen and have everything I need accessible in an instance. After I’m done baking, I make sure to put everything back in an organized fashion.


If you don’t have a suitable utility closet, you could recreate this arrangement in one of your cabinets or in a couple of drawers. Whatever you do, make sure that you can access everything you need for baking immediately and keep it organized. It makes baking at home so much more fun and more productive!”


Enjoy the rest of advice in the article and enjoy baking at home!

Jan and Lacy