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Life can be a whirlwind! Every morning, you wake up, hungry for life! Family, friends, work, errands, exercise, costumed adventures (or is that just us?)…. But even in the whirlwind, we still all get hungry for food!

And sometimes that means it’s time for one, two or six slices of your favorite Happy Campers gluten-free bread! Let’s be frank, though: ordering over and over is kind of a hassle, right?

Well…We’re so excited to announce a solution: our Breadscription program! Bread — the tasty thing you love to eat — and Subscription — that convenient thing that takes the hassle out of reordering — have merged!

Signing up is easy, simply click on “Breadscription” when you’re adding products to cart, choose a frequency and check out as usual. Right now, Breadscription is only available for Cases. We will be adding single loaves soon.

Best of all, you can pause, delete, change products, delivery date, frequency or address any time right from your Account! We’ll send you a reminder 5 calendar days before your breadscription reccurs, so you can make changes if you want to.

No need to be stressed out about remembering to get more bread! Because, you know…why be full of stress when you can be full of tasty bread? Now let’s get you some grub!

Eat well; be well! 😀  
Lacy & Jan

PS: Please reach out to us directly with any feedback or issues. The Breadscription is brand new and we want to improve and make your experience as smooth as possible!