Cure to Chronic Pain?

Cure to Chronic Pain?

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Are you dealing with a chronic illness or know someone who is? Then read on to learn about an app that may help!

We’ve personally struggled with a chronic illness for over 15 years now. Several months ago, we discovered the Curable app and it blew our minds! We feel we need to spread the word.

The Curable program centers around a pivotal question: Can our thoughts and feelings really impact our physical health?

If your curiosity is peaked, we believe the best way to start is to check out their podcast. Here’s a good first episode to listen to. You can also find it on all your favorite podcast apps.

Happy Campers isn’t affiliated with Curable in any way. But they’ve become an integral part of our journey and we wanted to share the resource with you. We believe in a holistic approach to health built on pillars such as food, relationships, movement, and mindset. We hope Curable can become a powerful instrument in your wellness toolbox!

Keep smiling on your journey to health and happiness!

Lacy and Jan