Food Meditation

Food Meditation

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There is one area of healthy eating that we believe is vastly overlooked: What is our MIND doing while we eat? 


We spend so much time focusing on what we eat and virtually no time on how we eat it. Is our mind present for the nourishment that good food is meant to provide?


Here are our 3 easy tips for mindful eating. Busy schedules sometimes make it hard. So our rule is to practice these tips fully for just 1 meal a day. 


  1. When eating, just eat. No distractions or digital devices.
  2. Focus on the food: it’s taste, scent and ponder where it came from.
  3. Chew more and take deep breaths between bites.

If we practice mindful eating, each bite is an opportunity for mini-meditation. You’ll be more energized and satiated by your meal! Read more on the benefits in this article.


Okay, now on a more light-hearted note, Lacy wanted to share with you a video from her recent visit to Methodical Martin’s Mindful Eating Meeting. If you need additional motivation or maybe just a giggle of three, check it out


Keep smiling…