Friendly Reminder – Get Moving!

Friendly Reminder – Get Moving!

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Healthy, gluten-free food is just one pillar of a vibrant lifestyle. We all know that Movement (a.k.a. Exercise) is another one and we need to move every day.

It can be tricky to find time to exercise. Good news! Several shorter sessions throughout the day can have the same health benefits.

Here’s how we add Movement to our workday. The key is to work these habits in so they become a part of your lifestyle. They’ll make you feel so good!

  • Stretch after waking up. Even 5 minutes right after getting up gets the blood flowing and wakes up the body and mind. Lacy’s favorite: downward dog.
  • Consider a standing desk. Switching between standing and sitting throughout the day really helps back pain.
  • Set a timer and get up every hour. Do a few jumping jacks, pushups or squats. It does wonders for focus and productivity! Jan’s favorite: pull-up bar in the office.
  • Take a quick walk after lunch. It can be tough sitting at your desk with a full belly. A walk is sure to aid digestion and get your energy level up.

Exercise can stimulate blood flow and brain function, help avoid skeletal pain, and it makes you feel happier by releasing endorphins. That’s a lot of good for just a little bit of time each day!

Keep smiling!