Happy Earth Day 2022 -- some traditions to start!

Happy Earth Day 2022 -- some traditions to start!

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Earth Day is just around the corner! Did you get your…? We mean, have you already…? Huh. Not really any Earth Day traditions. Yet!

Every holiday needs its hallmarks. Trees, fireworks, taking candy from strangers (Halloween sounds so dangerous on paper!). This year, here’s a few traditions-in-training to help celebrate Mama Earth.

  1. Make your yard an oasis

Every garden contributes to a stable and healthy future for the planet. If you’re a beginner, a great place to start is your local Cooperative Extension Service. You can find yours by searching here

  1. Give your time and talents to organizations

There are so many organizations working to create a sustainable future for the planet. Due to social distancing, organizations like EarthDay.Org are going completely digital.

  1. Learn how to compost

Composting has measurable benefits for the earth, like reduced waste in landfills. According to CompostNow, 60% of our waste is compostable. Check out this free at-home composting guide

  1. Shop sustainable brands 

​​IMPACT COLLECTIVE members participate in programs to reduce their carbon, plastic, water and/or energy footprints. Look for the IMPACT COLLECTIVE seals when you shop. With every purchase, you are supporting brands that are actively making a positive environmental impact.

  1. Get out of the house 

Yep, a simple but truly effective way to celebrate. Try one (or all five) of these this Earth Day season! And then figure out which ones you want to carry through the entire year so you can treat every day like Earth Day.

Keep smiling…