Health Benefits of Gluten Free Bread

Health Benefits of Gluten Free Bread

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Many people these days are switching to gluten-free diets and products. The social media is abuzz with influencers and diet gurus promoting products and gluten-free diets. You yourself might now be thinking of discovering this diet or perhaps you might be diagnosed with a condition that is making your body react badly to gluten. But are you perplexed and worried about switching from your traditional diet to something new? Heard rumours that gluten-free products taste bad and gritty? You might also be wondering if they are expensive and unaffordable.

Well, if these thoughts are living rent-free in your head, don’t feel that you are the first one to ever think so. People who have switched and are successfully following a gluten-free lifestyle have had such or sometimes more doubts. Granted, replicating the normal bread-like texture without gluten is challenging. Many products can contain large amounts of artificial additives. But the good news is not all the bread are like that. This is why we have curated the top health benefits of gluten-free bread. You are welcome! 😊

They are rich in fiber

Since it is impossible to make gluten-free bread from commercially bleached wheat that is of low quality, other ingredients should be used to give the same texture and flavour. Therefore, ingredients like whole rice flour, xanthan gum and flaxseed are usually used in making gluten-free bread. Since most of us do not really consume enough dietary fibers in our normal diet, this gluten-free bread is a fantastic choice for the diet. This brings us to our next benefit.

Hello, happy gut!

People with gluten intolerance can develop scarred tissues and delayed emptying because of the body attempting to digest the food that contains gluten. This can cause unpleasant symptoms like cramps, bloat and gas. Since gluten-free bread is so high in fiber content, they are the friendliest foods for our digestive tracts. Therefore, the nutrients in gluten-free bread can get fully used and also encourage the production of friendly bacteria in the intestine.

Energy levels get improved

People who suffer from a chronic sensitivity to gluten are often fatigued. It is so because their intestine gets damaged because of gluten consumption and this, in turn, affects their nutrient absorption including iron. This deficiency in iron can cause anaemia that causes exhaustion and weakness. So, switching to a gluten-free diet will give your intestine a chance to heal and get repaired on its own, thereby improving nutrient absorption and in turn, will spike your energy levels.

Helps in a healthy weight gain

Now that your system is gluten-free and your body is repairing itself, the nutrient absorption is improved and your health is improving. This can promote a weight gain-a healthy and a gradual one. Let us highlight that once again, the weight gain is a healthy and gradual one not the kind of weight gain as a result of over-consumption of junk foods because as we said earlier, gluten-free bread is rich in fiber.

Reduces lactose intolerance

People with Celiac disease and gluten intolerance, often exhibit symptoms of lactose intolerance as well. This is so because people with gluten intolerance have a damaged gut and it is the lining of the gut that produces an enzyme called lactase that helps in breaking down the lactose found in dairy products. Therefore, this impairs the digestion of lactose and thus it results in lactose intolerance. But the good news is, this condition is temporary and can be cured by switching to a gluten-free diet.

Other benefits

The other benefits of a gluten-free are innumerable, yes! Innumerable! These include improved skin health, reduced hair fall, better bone health, reduced joint pains, frequency of headaches become less, eliminates bloating…well the list goes on!

So, what are you waiting for?! Apart from the relief that a gluten-free diet can give to Celiac patients and people with gluten intolerance, as we saw, it also has other added advantages. Come on, who doesn’t love good, radiant skin, lush voluminous hair and improved overall health? (Are you blushing? Coz we are! 😊) So head to our online store and get yourself some gluten-free goodies and start your healthy journey today!