8/8/2023 Panini sandwiches on Long Slice Bread! 😋

8/8/2023 Panini sandwiches on Long Slice Bread! 😋

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Hello happy campers!
Today we want to introduce bread that we’ve been baking for a while, but haven't talked about much. Meet:
This gluten free bread is light and delicious in flavor and texture and shares the recipe with our Yum White flavor.
The key difference is that we slice it LENGTHWISE! So you get slices as long as Led Zeppelin songs and sandwiches as filling as… 




🍞 2 slices of Long Slice bread

🤍 Mayo like Vegenaise from Follow Your Heart

💛 Yellow Mustard

🍅 Tomato

🥑 Avocado or Guacamole

🌱 Greens, like Clover Sprouts or Spinach

🧀 Cheese, like Daiya’s Plant Based Cheddar

🥓 Tempeh, like Light Life’s smoky tempeh bacon



🍳 Pan-fry tempeh

🥪 Layer two slices of bread with the fixings above

🔥 Set Panini press for 375F and bake for 5 - 15 minutes


The longer you bake, the thinner and crispier your bread will become and more the flavors will meld together.


Shorter bake will make soft and toasty bread and taste more like a traditional fresh sandwich. You can also add Sprouts after baking, like the photo on top of this blog post.



If you don’t have a Panini press, worry not! Simply toast your Long Slices, then build the gluten free sandwich of your dreams with the toppings above!
Beware: this is one big sandwich that you may have a hard time finishing. It may not be a bad idea to share with someone, if you can do it. 😉
Here's a secret: We originally developed this bread for restaurants, so we take the heels (aka butts) out of this bread. That’s right, there are no heels in this bread! What do we do with the heels? We’re glad you asked!!! We will tell you in a newsletter next week! 
Update: The secret on the heels is out! We are turning them into the world's first Bread Butts bread!!!
Thank you for your support! ❤️❤️❤️
-- Lacy, Jan and the Happy Campers team