Pulling plastic from the ocean

Pulling plastic from the ocean

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As you may know, Happy Campers is a proud member of the Impact Collective organization. For every loaf sold, 100% of its packaging (in weight) is pulled from ocean-boud plastic. But what does that look like in real life?

A great example is The Enaleia project, which is collecting marine plastic in the Mediterranean ecosystem by utilizing the existing network of fishermen. With the combined resources of 21 fishing ports, 229 fishing vessels, and 1,000 fishermen, marine plastic is collected, recycled/upcycled, and integrated into the circular economy.

Since September 2021, Impact Collective’s direct support of the Enaleia project resulted in the collection of 11,023 pounds of marine plastic from the Aegean and Ionian Seas!

Below, you can see real unglorified photos from the daily workings of ocean cleanup.

Earth Day is right around the corner. We hope this inspires you to think of ways you might be able to lend Mama Earth a helping hand.

We’ll share some tips with you next week! Keep smiling…