6/15/2023: Temporary Bakery Closedown

6/15/2023: Temporary Bakery Closedown

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This Blog is a follow up to a newsletter sent on 6/15/2023. If you already read the newsletter, please skip to paragraph below, noted  🌟🌟🌟

We’re writing with an urgent announcement:
Our partner bakery that we work closely with to produce our bread abruptly shut down their operation yesterday.
  • As a result, we are unable to bake or ship any bread.
  • We had to pause our online store immediately as of yesterday, 6/14.
  • We immediately began pursuing a backup plan.
  • We will move fast but, even at lightning speed, we expect a period of at least 90 days without any bread to provide for you.

🌟🌟🌟 The universe works in mysterious ways. I know, a pretty grand statement for a blog about bread. Seriously though, we've written email after email about our challenges from this past year (both work and personal) and apparently the universe isn't done with us. Please don't worry though, Jan and I are incredibly tenacious (or thick-headed 🤔) and this is NOT a blog about giving up.

Long story short, the partner bakery that has been baking our bread is tragically and suddenly closing their doors. Every business has many partners that they rely on. It takes a village. Many of our partners and colleagues in the food industry have suffered these past few years and closed their doors. 😥

Food is so easily taken for granted yet is so obviously important. I just want to take a moment to reflect on all those hard working people who have lost their small businesses in the last few years. The pandemic and the economy has made for an incredibly difficult environment. It is easy to be disconnected to our food and the amazing people that get it to our grocery store shelves or delivered on our doorsteps. 

But we at Happy Campers are stubbornly not finished! While the closure of the bakery is a bit of a stumbling block 🙃, here is our plan:

  • We are immediately pursuing restoring our production. We are pursuing all options and are heavily favoring bringing production back in-house. After the hard lessons learned, it seems full direct control of production quality is the only way to grow a business and make our customers happy campers.
  • We will move as fast as we can, but even at lightning speed, we expect it will take at least 90 days before we are back up and baking for you. We will certainly keep you fully posted via newsletters and social media.



If you kept up with our newsletters and blogs, we know that the last 12 months seems like a long story out of a bad novel (closure of 2 bakeries + other struggles with partner companies + equipment failure on unprecedented levels + recipe failure + life threatening cancer + the death of a beloved father... just to name a few). 💔

If you're reading this, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sticking with us. You matter more to us than you will ever know. I know, a bit cheesy, but this is our life and you're still here. As long as you're here, so are we ✊ Okay, enough writing, back to work now, so we can triumphantly break bread together soon again!




 With love and friendship, yours truly, Lacy, Jan and the Happy Campers team