The Plant Café + Happy Campers = 100% Organic Sandwiches!

The Plant Café + Happy Campers = 100% Organic Sandwiches!

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Hey, Happy Campers! We have some exciting news for you! ?
You know that feeling when you walk into a café, hungry for an awesome sandwich, and think, “Gosh, I choose Organic groceries — why should my café lunch be different? I wish this sandwich were completely Organic, too!”
Welllll…we’re delighted to say your wish is now reality! Whoa, really? (Yes, really!) You can now enjoy 100% Organic sandwiches, deliciously made with your favorite gluten-free bread! We’re absolutely thrilled to partner with The Plant Café Organic and bake our tasty loaves for all their gluten-free sandwiches! Woohoo! ??

But that’s not all that makes the folks at The Plant awesome — they serve exclusively 100% organic ingredients, sourcing all their food as locally, sustainably, and ethically as possible! They’ve been awarded the highest environmental awards and certification in the Bay Area by The Nature Conservancy and Eat Real, so you know you’re directly supporting the best food practices out there! → You should check out all their great food-sourcing partners here, too.
We know you demand high quality in nutrition, but also in responsibly sourced ingredients — and you’re in luck! All the food you enjoy at The Plant is of the lowest carbon footprint available — certain to be free of GMOs, synthetic chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics; so you can know the food you enjoy is the best available!
The best part? You can go eat these 100% Organic sandwiches right now! OH, YEAH. ?

We’re incredibly proud to partner with The Plant’s awesome sandwich makers, and support their passion to make the highest quality Organic food for you to enjoy!
You should go check out everything about The Plant Café Organic, particularly their amazing menu! The Plant has four locations in San Francisco, so please make sure to go support them and us and your love for tasty sandwiches! We’re betting you won’t be disappointed with your tasty lunch…. Happy eating! ?

Want our delicious GF bread in your favorite local cafés or restaurants? Please tell the folks there about Happy Campers, and then let us know so we can reach out to them, too! ?