Vegan Sushi Roll

Vegan Sushi Roll

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Looking for a quick tutorial on how to make your own vegan sushi? Hoping for a recipe that’s both “far out” and “radical”? Check out Hippy Gourmet cooking youtube channel for a fun how-to video!


Sushi is something that seemingly everyone enjoys. Now, with a little help from a presenter channeling Bob Ross’s energy and aura, you can also make it healthy!

Hippy Gourmet shares this video ad free, which is so nice. In just over 7 minutes, you’ll have a groovy new recipe to add to your repertoire. You’ll also get a few good pointers about how to roll your sushi, too!


Did Hippy Gourmet leave out any of your favorite sushi fixings? We’d love to hear what else you like to include in your rolls!


PS: Shout out to customer Lena for sharing gem of a recipe video with us!


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