Bread Classy Slice

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For 1 Large loaf, you’ll need:

  • 2 ½ Cups (360g) Flour Mix
  • 1 ½ Cup (333g) Water
  • Note on Water temperature: Use Lukewarm water (~100F) if it’s warm in your house. Use Hot water (~120F) if it’s cold in your house. You can easily get approximately 120F water by using the hottest water from your tap. Note, 120F water is touchable, but feels very hot. 
  • 3 Tbsp (35g) any Oil, like Olive or Sunflower
  • 1 Packet Yeast = 2 tsp (7g)
  • Kitchen mixer (with a Paddle attachment, aka Flat Beater, not the dough hook), Hand Mixer, or Spatula and mixing bowl Bread Pan (9in x 5in or similar), Rubber Spatula and Brush Scale (recommended) or Measuring Cups and Spoons


Important: We recommend to watch the video above first. Picture is worth a thousand words. :slightly_smiling_face: 

  • Preheat oven to 400F convection or 425F no convection.
  • Put all ingredients together into a mixing bowl
  • Mix for 8 minutes until dough is smooth. Use Kitchen Aid Mixer, electric hand mixer on low speed or just mix with wooden spatula if you want a little workout.
  • Put dough into a greased bread pan, size roughly 9” x 5”
  • Smooth top of bread with wet spatula or wet hands. Dough is very sticky, so use Water for easy handling. 
  • Keep out of direct air-flow or cover with wet towel and let rise in the pan until about doubled, 40-55 minutes. Bake for 60 minutes.
  • Remove from pan immediately and cool on a rack for at least 2hrs before cutting in.
  • Store air-tight for up to 3 days at Room temp, 2 weeks in Fridge or 3 months in Freezer.
  • For detailed description of each step, watch this recording of LIVE cooking show with Happy Campers co-founder Jan!